Blind Side Waterproofing

CCM are under way waterproofing the basement of Buckingham Redevelopment’s new project in Fremantle. Pile caps have been treated with epoxy and perimeter of pile caps using Krystol hydrophilic profile and X-seal mastic. The membrane being used is the Soprema BSW system that offers a 20 year warranty. The unique membrane is SBS modified Bitumen and has a specially formulated upper surface that bonds to concrete and shot-crete. It is quick and easy to install and is 5.5mm thick finished making the basement waterproof and providing a natural vapour barrier. The system is tough, durable, easy to repair and maintenance free.



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Polished plaster finish using Durodeco By Allduro

This is a feature wall in the pre-sales room of the Chelsea apartments on the corner of Beaufort Street & Fore Street Perth. Once the apartments are built this will be the installed finish feature walls to the entrance and foyer of the apartment complex.
Construction is expected to commence in the second half of 2015.

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Atwell Arcade

CCM Group Perth have just started waterproofing the new Atwell Arcade in Fremantle.

The basement is being built below the water table and water ingress is a major concern for the client. Soprema Colphene BSW was chosen by the architect as the system to be used and CCM approached the project in their usual professional manner. Inspections are being carried out daily to ensure all protocols are met.

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South Perth Apartments

Auswest Coatings has recently completed 5 Ferry Street South Perth for Palazzo Builder.

The Apartments have a roof deck which Allduro specified with their products onto the slabs and over the screed under tiles. Acoustic mats were installed onto the slabs before waterproofing and screeding occurred in all areas internally and externally on the project. This system gives the client peace of mind where acoustics and waterproofing requirements are concerned. Mapei tile adhesives used in all areas were also supplied exclusively by Allduro.

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Scarborough Beach Apartments Waterproofing Failure

Glenn Cotteril was asked by one of Perth’s prominent builders to assist and price large planter boxes at a new Apartment block in Scarborough, Perth. David from Allduro was asked to assist in the specification and design. The original system installed was a polyurethane system and it failed dismally. We offered our Soprema Bitumen sheet membrane system with root inhibitors offering our 20 year warranty. Correct selection of membranes in areas like planter boxes has once again proven critical with this failure costing hundreds of thousands. Liquid systems with planters are not a good combination and are failing more and more frequently.

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The Corner by Psaros

Recently Allduro assisted in designing and implementing a waterproof tanking solution for a project by Psaros. The basement was immersed below the water table and dewatering was not coping with the flow. Colphene BSW (Blind side waterproofing) was suggested and this allowed the waterproofer to lay the membrane on the wet floor and get the basement watertight. The membrane was laid and sealed before the floor slab was cast over.

IMG_1210 IMG_1198


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City Beach Surf Life Saving Club Development

Allduro is proud to be the waterproofing supplier for Georgiou Group on this project.

Allduro has worked closely with Georgiou and Christou Design Architects in ensuring the waterproofing products have been installed correctly to specification implementing all QA procedures and documentation. The first stage of the landscaped roof garden has now been flood tested and remains under water for the 5th day without any evidence of leaks.



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The Arc Networking Forum

Allduro recently showcased their innovative new range of polished plaster and architectural wall finishes at the State Theatre of Western Australia. The exhibition was a success with widespread interest shown in Allduro’s new Durodeco range. More information on the range can be found on our wall finishes products page.

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Mini Macaden

Our Mini Macaden at work installing torch on bitumen membrane at unmatched speed.

Our machine is easy to operate, automated and can install in excess of 1000 m2 of membrane per shift.


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Hay Street Remedial Repairs To Leaking Balconies

Cooper and Oxley approached Auswest Coatings to help with the remedial repairs to the badly leaking balconies on the 4th floor. Auswest then approached Allduro for technical support.

Some of the balconies had been treated with a liquid system that had total failure and bad falls to waste. The other balconies were treated with butyl rubber membrane that had failed at most transitions and joints.

Allduro suggested covering the butyl rubber membrane with a torch on membrane, Sopralene Flam 180. The other roof was grounded down and Sopralene Flam 180 was applied to this balcony after self levelling.


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