What is CodeMark Australia?

The CodeMark Certification is a voluntary third-party building product certification scheme that authorises the use of new and innovative products in specified circumstances in order to facilitate compliance with Volumes One and Two of the NCC, also known as the Building Code of Australia or BCA.
A program to certify the Waterproofing Products Australia (WPA) range of waterproofing membranes, that begun just over 3 years ago, has culminated in the successful accreditation of a large number of membranes that now proudly bear the CodeMark certification logo.

Why CodeMark Australia?

Waterproofing Products Australia has utilised the CodeMark Australia Scheme to demonstrate that their range of waterproofing membranes meet the relevant NCC requirements. CodeMark provides confidence and certainty to regulatory authorities and the market through the issue of a Certificate of Conformity.

“Another distinguishing element of CodeMark is that it includes installation as part of the assessment process. Traditional product certification schemes certify how the product is manufactured in the factory to ensure it complies with the requirements of the relevant Standard but CodeMark also looks at installation because if the product isn’t installed correctly onsite, then it’s useless. The Certification Process must examine the Product, its uses and installation (including, if applicable, conducting a construction site visit) to determine the on-site application of the Product.”

What are the Benefits to you the customer?

  • Products are certified against criteria set by building control authorities.
  • The scheme is an unchallengeable form of product assurance.
  • Clear demonstration that the product meets mandatory compliance requirements.
  • Provides opportunity to access the market and offers a marketing advantage.


Do you need assistance?

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