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Drill Pump

Allduro Drill Pump is a light weight and handy electrically operated pump used for high pressure chemical grouting.

Injection Packers


Ultra-Fast setting and curing hydraulic binder for stopping water leaks


Epojet is a low viscosity epoxy resin which can be injected under low pressure into cracks and fissures for the repair of concrete and masonry structures.


Eporip though slightly thixotropic is suitable for the repair of larger cracks to horizontal masonry substrates. Eporip polymerises without shrinkage and, after curing, is waterproof, in addition it has the ability to bond concrete and steel.

Epigrout LV

Epigrout LV is a low viscosity epoxy grout based on specially selected epoxy resins and hardeners to produce a highly fluid grout ideally suited for injection into cracks in masonry and concrete substrates.


HPG-130 is a premium grade, low viscosity hydrophobic polyurethane grout designed to be injected into leaking masonry structures via injection ports.

HPG-130 Catalyst

HPG-130 Catalyst is a tertiary amine catalyst in a high solvency carrier designed for rigid and semi-flexible MDI based polyurethane resins. This catalyst has been formulated for improved flow characteristics, increased compatibility with water and better foam stability.

HPG Cleaner

HPG-130 Cleaner is a premium grade, pump maintenance solution for the cleaning and lubrication of polyurethane injection pumps and associated equipment. When used as a part of a regular start-up and shut-down procedure HPG-130 Cleaner prolongs the life of the pump, it's seals and all moving parts by preventing the build-up of hardened resin in and around seals.

Injection ports

Allduro stock a range of Aluminium packers in sizes of 100mm x 10mm, 150mm x 13mm and 250mm x 13mm for polyurethane injection, as well as surface mounted syringe ports (see attached pic) for epoxy injection. Contact Allduro for our full range of injection tools and accessories.

Multi-purpose Epoxy Adhesive

Multipurpose Epoxy adhesive is a two-part, high strength adhesive. It is non-sag or flow in normal conditions. Multipurpose Epoxy Adhesive is ideally suited for the placement of the surface mounted syringe ports over the crack prior to injection as well as sealing the cracked surface prior to injection.

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