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Drill Pump

Allduro Drill Pump is a light weight and handy electrically operated pump used for high pressure chemical grouting.


HPG-130 is a low viscosity hydrophilic polyurethane grout designed to be injected into leaking masonry structures via injection ports.

Epimax 111

EpiMax 111 has been developed to offer an unmatched combination of low-mixed viscosity, good work time and high full-cure mechanical strengths. This low viscosity and low surface tension has been achieved without the incorporation of any solvents. The system has been developed to offer fast injection application and has excellent surface wetting. EpiMax 111 has been specially developed to bond to both dry and damp surfaces.

Epimax 575

EpiMax 575 Structural Adhesive System is a specially formulated gap-filling paste adhesive. This easy-to-use, two-part epoxy product hardens after mixing with excellent properties ideally suited for many building and construction site applications. It is a companion product to EpiMax 111 Structural Injection System for effective repair of cracked concrete decking. Other broad applications include bonding, grouting and general repair of concrete. Since EpiMax 575 is solventless, it will not crack or shrink even under dynamic stresses and load

Gripset C-1C

Gripset C-1C is a cement based waterproof compound consisting of unique actives that when applied to concrete penetrate the substrate to form an insoluble crystalline structure within the pores and shrinkage cracks of concrete. These crystals continue to grow filling voids and pores of concrete forming a barrier to water ingress, including water under pressure. Applied as a cement based slurry coat, once applied to the surface and dried, Gripset C-1C continues to enable the concrete to breathe allowing vapour through the concrete structure. Suitable for waterproofing concrete in both below ground and above ground areas, Gripset C-1C reduces the porosity of concrete by reducing the volume and size of capillary pores within the concrete substrate while improving the overall strength and durability of concrete..

Gripset C-Plug

Gripset C-Plug is a rapid setting, non shrink cement based compound that forms an instant waterproof seal against active water leaks under pressure. C-Plug is ideal for active water leakages through holes, cracks and similar openings in concrete and masonry surfaces.

Injection Packers


Ultra-Fast setting and curing hydraulic binder for stopping water leaks

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