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Epilox Binder

Epilox Binder is a two-part solvent-free epoxy resin designed produce epoxy repair mortars of various consistencies as well as being a primer for Epilox floor coatings.

Epilox HS

Epilox HS is a high performance, 100% solids, three-component, solvent-free industrial epoxy coating system available in a range of colours. Epilox HS is designed for floor and wall applications where durability, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance are required.

Epilox SL

Epilox SL is a solvent free heavy-duty floor system based on specially selected epoxy resins and hardeners to produce a self-smoothing finish for concrete substrates. Epilox SL is used with Epilox fillers to produce a coating that is nominally 2mm thick.


Floorthane is a high-performance non-yellowing, single component polyurethane coating. Designed as a clear floor coating available in satin or gloss finish for warehouses, factories, food preparation areas, plant decks etc.

Traffic Pave

Traffic Pave is a pre-mixed, pre-coloured, UV Stable, slip resistant, water-based coating. Suitable for walkways, driveways, carparks, playground and tennis courts etc.

Mapecoat I24

Mapecoat I24 is designed to provide protection to floors, reservoirs and concrete pipes in direct contact with aggressive chemical agents such as acids, caustic solutions and hydrocarbons.


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Durocryl is a premium grade co-polymer concrete sealer manufactured from a blend of
co-polymer resins, UV stabilisers and aromatic solvents. When dry, Durocryl produces a gloss finish, which not only protects the surface but also enhances the appearance of plain and coloured concrete.

Flowseal S

Flowseal S is a Fluro-polymer based protective sealer which penetrates deeply into the substrate to produce an oil and water repellent barrier. This treatment significantly reduces the absorption of water and oil allowing spills to be cleaned quickly before they are able to penetrate and stain.

Silcon H

Silcon H is a blended aqueous solution, free of chlorides. It is especially formulated as a preventative corrosion inhibitor that significantly hardens the surface and increases the durability of concrete.

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