Concrete Repair, crack repair and grouting Products

The following products are use to repair concrete admixtures or waterproof concrete.

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Two component solvent free epoxy adhesive for construction joints and for monolithic sealing of cracks in screeds

Crack Repair

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Adesilex PG4

General purpose epoxy adhesive. Adesilex PG4 is recommended for
bonding building elements such as concrete, reinforced concrete, metal and natural stone.


Low viscosity epoxy resin which can be injected under low pressure into cracks and fissures for the repair of concrete and masonry structures.


Eporip has the consistency of a slightly thixotropic paste that can be applied by brush on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Eporip though slightly thixotropic is still suitable for the repair of larger cracks to horizontal masonry substrates. Eporip polymerises without shrinkage and, after curing, is waterproof, in addition, it has the ability to bond concrete and steel.

Epigrout LV

Epigrout LV is a low viscosity epoxy grout based on specially selected epoxy resins and hardeners to produce a highly fluid grout for ideally suited for injection into masonry and concrete substrates.

Multi-purpose Epoxy Adhesive

Multipurpose Epoxy adhesive is a two-part, high strength adhesive. It is designed for the bonding of concrete, tile, stone, masonry and more to both vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is non-sag or flow in normal conditions

Concrete Repair

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Epilox Binder

Epilox Binder is a two-part solvent free epoxy resin for combining with selected fillers and aggregates to produce epoxy mortars of various consistencies.

Epilox Fillers

Epilox F4 and F6 fillers may be used in conjunction with Epilox Binder to produce an economical grout or patching compound. Ideal for producing coves for floor areas.

Mapegrout T40

Repair of degraded or damaged vertical or horizontal concrete surfaces with mortar possessing medium mechanical performance characteristics. Some typical repair examples include pillars and beams, balconies damaged by rusted reinforcing bars, repairs to diaphragm walls and tunnels, concrete linings for canals and hydraulic projects, holes in cast-in place concrete etc.

Mapefer 1K

Mapefer 1K is a one-component mortar prepared according to a formula developed MAPEI based on polymers in powder form, cementitious binders and corrosion inhibitors to be applied on reinforcing rods to prevent rust formation. When mixed with water, Mapefer 1K becomes a highly workable mortar that is easy to apply.

Penapatch Hi Build

Penapatch high Build is a high strength, high build, shrinkage compensated repair mortar. It has been designed for both vertical and overhead applications up to 70mm vertically.

Penapatch HB50

Penapatch HB50 is a high strength, high build, medium weight shrinkage compensated structural repair mortar. Achieves a Compressive strength of 55MPa after 28 days.

Penapatch HB80

Penapatch HB80 is a high strength, high build, medium weight shrinkage compensated structural repair mortar. Achieves a Compressive strength of 80MPa after 28 days.

Planitop Fine Finish

Planitop Fine Finish is a light grey coloured one-component, rapid-hardening, ultra-fine textured cementitious skimming mortar made from special binders, selected aggregates, special admixtures and synthetic polymers.

Planitop Smooth and Repair

Planitop Smooth and Repair is for non-structural repairs and smoothing layers on internal and external, horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces, suitable for repairing structures exposed to the open air and in permanent contact with water. Typical application examples include quick repairs to deteriorated parts in concrete, the corners of beams, pillars, buffer walls, cornices etc.

Aftek Fairing Coat Mortar

Fairing coat mortar is a fine textured, fast setting, smoothing mortar formulated for the repair of damaged concrete. The mortar cures to an exceptionally smooth texture that does not reflect through subsequent applied architectural coatings.

Construction Grout

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Flowfill Grout GP

Flowfill Grout GP is a general-purpose non-shrink (Class A) cementitious grout ideal for most void filling grouting jobs. Suitable for all general-purpose grouting including precast and pre stressed panels, grouting in column bases, filling core holes, rod holes and defects in concrete, filling for hollow block walls.

Mapefill GP

Mapefill GP is a general-purpose non-shrink grout recommended for grouting voids in structural elements such as patching up honeycombs in concrete, filling gaps in precast elements and grouting base plates and bridge bearings.

Penatech HES

Penatech HES Grout is a high early strength gain, flowable, shrinkage compensated, Class C grout for use where rapid strength gain is required. Penatech HES Grout comprises a blend of Portland cements, graded fillers and chemical additives which impart controlled expansion in the plastic and hardened states whilst minimising water demand and maximizing early compressive strength gain.

Techflow HES

Bostik Techflow Grout HES is a high performance, high early strength, rapid setting non-shrink (Class C) cementitious construction grout. Bostik Techflow Grout HES is designed in particular for cementitious grouting where the application requires rapid setting.

Chemical anchors

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Mapefix PE SF

Heavy loads. Mapefix PE SF. It is a two component, styrene-free product made from a mixture of polyester resins. It has been specifically developed for chemically anchoring steel and zinc-plated steel threaded and deformed bars, which transmit light loads, to solid and perforated substrates such as non-cracked concrete, heavyweight concrete, stone and mixed masonry. Mapefix PE SF is ideal for anchoring in compressed zones (non-cracked concrete) rough holes (hammer drilled) and damp or dry substrates.

Mapefix VE SF

Structural Loads. Mapefix VE SF is an adhesive for chemically anchoring metal bars in holes made in building materials. It is a two component, styrene-free product made from a mixture of synthetic resins. It is specifically formulated for anchoring zinc-plated threaded and deformed steel bars which transmit structural loads in solid and perforated substrates such as non-cracked concrete, lightweight concrete, stone, wood, bricks and mixed masonry. Mapefix VE SF is ideal for anchoring in C1 Seismic zones, in tension zones (cracked concrete), in non-compressed zones (non- cracked concrete), Construction joints, Rough holes (hammer drilled) and in damp and wet substrates.

Mapefix EP

The epoxy formulate of Mapefix EP 385 gives the resin extended workability time which makes it particularly suitable for anchors in areas at high temperatures or where loads are not constant. Mapefix EP 385 is recommended for all types of anchor with a horizontal, vertical, inclined or overhead axis and in tension or compressed zones, which are subjected to static, dynamic and seismic loads. Mapefix EP 385 may also be used for immersed anchors which are permanently damp, in marine and industrial environments and in areas subjected to chemical aggression.

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