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What are Acoustic Mats?

Acoustic mats are high performance undertile/timber acoustical mats which are either loose laid or adhered directly to the substrate prior to the installation of tiles, stone, timber flooring or even before waterproofing membrane is applied.

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Acoustamat is a high performance undertile/timber acoustical mat which is either loose laid or adhered directly to the substrate prior to the installation of tiles, stone or timber flooring

Gripset GC All Purpose

Gripset GC All Purpose Adhesive is a high performance, single part waterproof bedding compound used for fixing any of the GC sheet membranes. Based on silane modified polymer technology, GC All Purpose adhesive possesses outstanding adhesion and high early grab properties over a broad range of porous and non porous substrates. Designed to fix all the Gripset GC Sheet membranes for internal and external applications, providing a low viscosity, easily spreading adhesive with smooth consistent properties that can be applied to dry and damp surfaces.

Gripset GC Pro 2

Gripset GC Pro 2 is a high performance, 2-part waterproof bedding compound for use with the Gripset GC sheet membrane suite. Based on water-based epoxy technology, GC Pro displays outstanding primer-less adhesion over a range of building substrates.

Gripset GC4

Gripset GC4 is one of the key innovative lines within the Gripset GC sheet membrane range providing multi benefits in the built environment from the one membrane system. GC4 is a high quality waterproof membrane and acoustic underlay in the one sheet, providing numerous advantages that offers unique performance and time saving features on construction projects. Application time is cut up to one third over traditional acoustic underlay-waterproofing methods while providing a high strength waterproofing system that provides vapour barrier, antifracture, crack bridging and de-coupling properties over floor surfaces it is applied to.

Ultrabond G19

Ultrabond G19 is a two-part reactive adhesive specially designed for installation of floor coverings that demand a high-performance adhesive, such as sports flooring.

Ultrabond Eco 350

Super adhesive in water dispersion with low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) for resilient floor coverings with very high bonding strength even after an extended open time

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