NW Construction

NW Construction

This project included a 2 level basement parking where the basement is 3.5 metres below the water level.

We were asked to create a system to stop water coming up through the floor slab band between the floor slab and vertical walls.

We chose Soprema’s BSW (Pre applied Blind Side Waterproofing) membrane on a blinding screed to protect the slab.

A 2 layer system bonded together was loose laid on the blinding screed with only the laps heat sealed. Reinforced concrete was then cast over the membrane. The membrane has a specially formulated upper surface that has a tenacious ability to bond to poured concrete.

On the vertical cold joints we chose a system comprising a hydrophilic water stop and a re-injectable grout tube. The Tam injection tube is designed for waterproofing construction joints in new and old structures. Tam injection tube Rl was designed specifically for the multiple injection of suitable grouts in construction joints and other areas that may require injection at a later date. The Rl hose can be flushed clean and re-used.

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