Concrete Coatings and Repairs (C. C. R) were chosen to carry out remediation works to the concrete walkways and floor around the acid tanks at Hartway Galvanisers – Hope Valley Road Naval Base. Acid splashes when the steel is placed in the tanks and dripping acid from when the steel is removed have deteriorated the concrete floors creating uneven holes in the surface.

The Flexkrete repair system was chosen as it is an ultra fast setting system, this allows repairs and coatings of the floors to happen within hours cutting out days which would normally be necessary for curing of the repair mortar. This cut out unnecessary down time for the factory.

The process was to remove the old membrane and grind the floors to be repaired.

They then high pressure cleaned and neutralised the surface.

Repairs were then carried out using Flexkrete filling all the voids in the concrete.

Once completed, due to the fast curing nature of Flexkrete, we were able to continue on with a slurry, levelling coat of Flexkrete over the entire surface. After an hour Flexkrete was able to be ground smooth ready to accept Epimax acid resistant coatings. Epimax 225 general purpose binder primer was rolled on, followed by the 1st coat of Epimax 333AR acid resistant epoxy system, which whilst still wet was broadcast with aggregate to refusal for an R11 finish. The 2nd and 3rd coats of Epimax 333AR were applied at a minimum thicknesses of 160 um wet to achieve the manufacturers required result to provide maximum protection to the floor.

There was an additional area away from the tanks which had spalled concrete . The area was ground, cleaned and repaired with FlexKrete then over coated with Epimax 225 followed by 3 coats of Epimax 330 a 100% solids solvent less epoxy. They then broadcast a non-slip aggregate into the first layer before over-coating with the top coats.

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